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Learning Chinese Characters | Tuttle | A revolutionary new way to learn and remember the 800 most basic Chinese characters Alison Matthews, Laurence Matthews





Learning Chinese Characters | Tuttle | A revolutionary new way to learn and remember the 800 most basic Chinese characters Alison Matthews, Laurence Matthews

This user–friendly book is aimed at helping students of Mandarin Chinese learn and remember Chinese characters.

At last—there is a truly efficient and enjoyable way to learn Chinese characters! This book helps students to learn and remember both the meanings and the pronunciations of over 800 characters. This otherwise daunting task is made more accessible by the use of techniques based on the psychology of learning and memory. Fundamental principles include the use of visual imagery, the visualization of short “stories,” and the systematic building up of more complicated characters from basic building blocks.

Although Learning Chinese Characters is a comprehensive book intended for students, it can be used by anyone with an interest in Chinese characters, without any prior knowledge of Chinese. It can be used alongside (or after, or even before) a course in the Chinese language. All characters are simplified (as in mainland China) but traditional characters are also given, when available.

Key features:
Specially designed pictures and stories are used in a structured way to make the learning process more enjoyable and effective, reducing the need for rote learning to the absolute minimum.
The emphasis throughout is on learning and remembering the meanings and pronunciations of the characters. Tips are also included on learning techniques and how to avoid common problems.
Characters are introduced in a logical sequence, which also gives priority to learning the most common characters first.
Modern simplified characters are used, with pronunciations given in pinyin. Key information is given for each character, including radical, stroke–count, traditional form, compounds, and guidance on writing the character.

This is a practical guide with a clear, concise and appealing layout, and it is well–indexed with clear lookup methods. The 800 Chinese characters and 1,033 compounds specified for the original HSK Level A proficiency test are covered.

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Bộ sách song ngữ Anh – Trung (Dành cho học tiếng Trung và Tiếng Anh)

Bộ sách song ngữ Anh – Trung (Dành cho học tiếng Trung và Tiếng Anh)

Sách gốc tiếng Trung Quốc, nhiều sách có  đĩa nghe MP3.

Chicken Soup for the Soul – Sweet Memories

Những bài diễn thuyết của Tổng Thống Obama

Những nhân vật lịch sử nổi tiếng

Chicken Soup for the Soul : The Best of the Years

Listen to the speeches in the first-class Universities….

Great books you should have read!

Sellected speeches of Barrack Obama

Best speeches  of presidents  Obama

Striking voice of the World:

Short Essays from Everyday Life

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family members Cele brating Life

Greatest Sports Heroes of  all times


Selected Wisdom Stories

The most outstanding figures in the world

The world of  Fables

Chicken Soup for the Soul : spiking fragrance of four seasons

Chicken Soup for the Soul : As time goes by

Chicken Soup for the Soul  : precious time

Selected Wisecracks and Witticisms

Portraits of Celebrated Figures

Chicken Soup for the Soul : Dreams of the Flower

Chicken Soup for the Soul : Secrets  of a  happy life

Greatest modern heroes

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Sổ tay người học tiếng Hoa |Trương Văn Giới – Lê Khắc Kiều Lục

Sổ tay người học tiếng Hoa ( Trương Văn Giới – Lê Khắc Kiều Lục)


Một số các trang trong cuốn sách:

Sách đề cập đầy đủ các yếu tố cấu thành của tiếng Hoa. Phần ngữ âm, chữ viết, ngữ pháp giới thiệu những nội dung chính yếu hoặc tập trung vào những điểm có sự khác biệt giữa hai thứ tiếng.

Phần lớn cuốn sách là phần từ ngữ theo chủ điểm phản ánh các mặt đời sống, xã hội, kinh tế của Việt Nam với dung lượng tương đương cuốn từ điển Việt – Hoa cỡ nhỏ.

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新汉语水平考试真题集: HSK4(四级)H41010

新汉语水平考试真题集: HSK4(四级) H41010
Author: 国家汉办 孔子学院总部
Publisher: 国家汉办 孔子学院总部
Pages: 16+
Format: PDf + MP3

This is the fourth level of the exam (written outline for): A total of 100 examination questions in three sections: “Listening” 30 min. “Reading” 40 min. and “written” 25 min.
一, the HSK (四级)分三部分:
2.阅读(40题, 40分钟)
3.书写(15题, 25分钟)

Báo giá: 30.000 VNđ, đã bao gồm file nghe.

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