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Pure physics (topical)

This book contains actual GCE O Level Physics examination papers, from 2002 to 2015, Paper 1 and Paper 2 with full worked solutions. The questions, are arranged in topical form so that the students can revise and practice methodically. Questions from past examinations have always proved to be the best practice for students. Students are able to apply what they have learnt. This book is also a very useful study guide for students as they can practice the questions, and then check their answers . This book is highly recommended for the students who are preparing for the GCE O Level Physics examination.

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Hướng dẫn sử dụng mẫu câu tiếng anh – Guide to patterns and usage in english : A.S. Hornby

Hướng dẫn sử dụng mẫu câu tiếng anh – Guide to patterns and usage in english : A.S. Hornby


Trước đây, người học tiếng Anh tuân theo các quy ước nghiêm nhặt của Văn phạm quy tắc (Prescriptive Grammar). Trong đó, sách ngữ pháp chú trọng đến phép biến đổi từ loại (accidence) và cú pháp (syntax), đồng thời quan tâm đến việc mô tả các loại từ và sự phát triển của ngôn ngữ. Loại văn phạm cổ điển này chỉ giúp học sinh biết về ngôn ngữ chứ không hữu dụng trong việc giúp họ học cách dùng ngôn ngữ. Ngày nay, việc dạy và học Anh ngữ đã chuyển sang một bước ngoặt mới, đó là học tập Văn phạm miêu tả (Descriptive Grammar). Một trong những ưu điểm của loại hình này là nó đòi hỏi học sinh tìm hiểu sâu hơn đến cách kiến trúc một câu. Họ cần làm quen với các mẫu câu tiếng Anh. Bởi lẽ, việc thành thạo vị trí của các từ, nhóm từ, mệnh đề trong câu góp phần quan trọng trong sự hình thành kĩ năng Viết, Đọc, thậm chí Nghe, Nói tốt.

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Essential Reading 1 Student book Macmillan Chris Gough, Series editor Scott Miles

Essential Reading 1 Student book Macmillan Chris Gough, Series editor Scott Miles

  • 12 topic-based units with careful structural build-up, including speaking and discussion, writing and correction, and pronunciation activities

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To Advanced Proficiency and Beyond

To Advanced Proficiency and Beyond : Theory and Methods for developing superior second language ability ( Tony Brown and Jennifer Bown )

Tony Brown is a professor in the department of German and Russian at Brigham Young University. He has published articles in the Foreign Language Annals, Modern Language Journal, Russian Language Journal, and Language Policy. Jennifer Bown is an associate professor in the department of German and Russian at Brigham Young University. Her articles have appeared in such journals as Language Teaching, Foreign Language Annals, Modern Language Journal, and Innovation in Language Teaching and Learning.

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CPE: USE of English – Student’s Book (Author: Virginia Evans)


CPE: USE of English – Student’s Book (Author: Virginia Evans)

CPE Use of English 1 for the revised Cambridge Proficiency Examination is aimed at advanced students of English who wish to polish up their skills in the difficult grammatical areas of structures and usage. Clear presentation of all grammatical points relating to the revised CPE Use of English (Paper 3) is followed by exercises, consolidation activities and complete Use of English practice tests in the same format as those in the revised CPE Paper 3. The book, designed for classroom and individual use, aims to prepare students for the CPE examination as well as other examinations at the same level of difficulty. Key features: Condensed presentation of grammatical structures followed by graded exercises designed to practise each structure. English in Use sections consisting of: Cloze texts, phrasal verbs, idioms, fixed phrases, prepositions, key word transformations, fixed phrases. Note expansion exercises, register transfer exercises, proof reading exercises, proverbs, word formation, word usage, collocations. Practice tests guiding students through the revised Cambridge Proficiency Examination. Appendices of phrasal verbs, idioms/fixed phrases, words often confused, word formation, prepositions and verbal constructions. The Teacher´s Book for the Student´s Book contains the answers overprinted on the relevant pages of the Student´s Book.

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Amazingly Easy Phrasal Verbs!

Phrasal verbs don’t have to be difficult or boring, In fact, they can be really easy and a lot of fun. As the author of Amazingly Easy Phrasal Verbs, I know this because I developed the material in class with fantastic results. Students couldn’t wait for the next lesson. You deserve the chance to learn phrasal verbs, to enjoy them and use them confidently. Now that chance exists. Don’t put it off any longer!

Is this the right book for you?

Decide in seconds with the quick reference checklist here:

Subject: ESL (English as a Second Language)
Theme:Young adult personal and work life
Language Skill:Phrasal verbs
Content style:31 short chapters in an ongoing story form

Level:Intermediate – Advanced
Age Group:16+ (Contains some sexual references)

Tests and answers:Yes
Suitable for self- study:Yes
Teaching material:Yes
Copiable:Yes – for teaching classroom purposes only

Target audience:16 – 18 year olds, students, adults learning English, people looking for work in England, language teachers

Device compatibility:Suitable for PC, laptop, Kindle, ebook readers, tablets and
smartphones, Apple and Android

Amazingly Easy Phrasal Verbs makes learning phrasal verbs incredibly easy and enjoyable. The unique learning method means you’ll learn them really fast and remember them for ever! It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen or used before and you’ll be amazed with the results!

Amazingly Easy Phrasal Verbs teaches differently by:
– focusing on the most important and used phrasal verbs
– placing phrasal verbs within a single, ongoing story – one of the oldest and best learning techniques known to man!
– introduces one new phrasal verb per paragraph
– repeats this showing its different uses and collocations
– introduces just 5 -7 phrasal verbs per chapter (the optimum number of pieces of new information that can be learnt at once)
-provides chapter by chapter tests to reinforce and check understanding

What people have said:

Jose – This is a very good book to learn about phasal verbs. I really have problems with this verbs and I have been learning a lot since I bought it.

Ali Behseresht – As the name of book shows it is an amazing book. I recommend it to whom are learning English as a second language. Thanks George.

Gema – Me ha resultado muy ameno de leer y creo que es una forma más entretenida de aprender los phrasal verbs.

About the author

George Sandford is author of Cambridge University Press – English for Human Resources as well as countless ebooks with Praski Publishing. His ‘Crazy English’ series of books has featured regularly in Spain’s 100 Kindle best sellers list.

He also writes for Business English Magazine which is distributed in Poland, Germany and Spain, as well as its General English sister publication, English Matters. Since 2009, his English with George ‘micro lessons’ have appeared daily on the Warsaw Metro and transport system infoscreens.

He is vastly experienced having worked in sales, marketing, human resources, management training, coaching and teaching. He delivers training courses in English in Europe and China – South Pacific region.

His materials are frequently based on real life experiences and combine humour, inventiveness and practicality. He lives in Poland where he works as an author and coach.

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Giáo trình học toán tiếng Anh của Mỹ Daily Math Practice 1 2 3 4 5 6 by Evan-Moor

Giáo trình học toán tiếng Anh của Mỹ Daily Math Practice 1 2 3 4 5 6 by Evan-Moor

Your students will build mastery and retention by applying these lessonsfor as little as 15 minutes a day.
Based on NCTM standards, Daily Math Practice addresses key learning objectives, including computation, problem solving, geometry, measurement, and more. Reproducible student pages, and answer key, and a comprehensive scope and sequence chart give you everything needed to provide students with repeated skills practice. 128 reproducible pages are correlated to state standards and the Common Corestate standards.
Features Include:

  • 36 weekly section per book
  • Practice five items a day Monday through Thursday
  • Friday’s lesson contains a more extensive problem that emphasizes reasoning and communication in mathematics
  • Answer key and scope and sequence chart included

Báo giá: Sách in: 55.000 đ/ 1 cuốn

Ebook: Trọn bộ 150.000 đ

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26 đề tiếng anh chuyên Trung Học Cơ Sở ( Bồi dưỡng học sinh giỏi) Có đáp án PDF

26 đề tiếng anh chuyên Trung Học Cơ Sở ( Bồi dưỡng học sinh giỏi) Có đáp án PDF

Nội dung chính cuốn sách chia làm 4 phần chính sau:

1, Ngữ âm: gồm 5 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm về cách phát âm (nguyên âm, phụ âm, tập hợp âm) hoặc về trọng âm từ;

2. Ngữ pháp – Từ vựng: gồm các bài tập trắc nghiệm và tự luận đa dạng cho phép kiểm tra toàn diện việc vận dụng các kiến thức ngữ pháp, mẫu câu, dạng từ, cách dùng từ …ở cấp độ câu và bài khóa;
3. Kĩ năng đọc: gồm các bài kiểm tra đọc hiểu các thể loại khác nhau (trắc nghiệm và tự luận);
4. Kĩ năng viết: gồm các bài luyện viết câu và viết bài (có kèm theo một số bài viết mẫu).
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Đáp án sách bài tập tiếng anh lớp 12 Lưu Hoằng Trí ( Chương trình thí điểm mới của Pearson)

Đáp án sách bài tập tiếng anh lớp 12 Lưu Hoằng Trí ( Chương trình thí điểm mới của Pearson)

Sách dành cho giáo viên, phụ huynh hoặc các em học sinh có nhu cầu tham khảo!!!

Unit 1: Life Stories

Unit 2: Urbanisation

Unit 3: The Green Movement

Unit 4: The Mass Media

Unit 5: Cultural Diversity

Unit 6: Endangered Species

Unit 7: Artificial Intelligence

Unit 8: The World of Work

Unit 9: Choosing A career

Unit 10: Lifelong Learning


Báo giá: 100.000 đ Bản mềm PDF hoặc bản in

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Mua sách trực tiếp tại Hà Nội

Ở các tỉnh thành khác: Mua qua chuyển khoản nhận sách qua chuyển phát nhanh hoặc qua email : LINK