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Hình thức thanh toán

Mua hàng trực tiếp hoặc ship tận địa chỉ tại Hà Nội. Ở các tỉnh thành phố khác: hình thức chuyển khoản - Chuyển phát nhanh

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Các loại tài liệu

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BBC English Plus Interactive (30 CDs)

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BBC English Plus Interactive (30 CDs)
BBC English Plus Interactive (30 CDs)

BBC ENGLISH PLUS INTERACTIVE is the new updated version of Follow Me!. It is divided in two language levels (Beginners and Intermediate), and the complete course comprises a total of 30 didactical units, contained in 30 CDs and 6 books (or 30 partworks).

Each CD is divided in three sections:

* Presentation: Entertaining everyday situations played by English actors using progressive language based on the specifications of the Council of Europe’s experts. The students may choose between watching them without subtitles or with subtitles in English or in their native language.
* Explanation: A tutor in the learner’s language explains the grammar and vocabulary used in the Presentation.
* Practice: The tutor proposes different exercises and drills for the students to practice what they have learnt in the previous sections.

The Student’s books, entirely bilingual, complement the explanations Grammar explanation in Spanish and Portuguese
Interactive exercises
Vocabulary with deep pronunciation

8 DVD BBC English Plus Interactive Giá 200.000 VNĐ

Kanji in Context (Reference Book)


kanji in context

Kanji in Context is a series of three books. The books are the joint work of the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies and the Japan Times. The Center is one of the most prestigious Japanese Language Schools in Japan, and is a partnership between Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, the University of Chicago, and other famous US universities. The “Reference book” includes all 1945 kanji recommended for learning by the Japanese Ministry of Education, along with most of the JLPT 1kyuu vocabulary. Difficult words (those with unusual readings or those that are compounds including a kanji not yet learned) are marked with a diamond so you know you don’t have to learn them yet because you’ll be able to pick them up with one of the other kanji later.

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Cambridge exams Extra Pet with answers

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Four past papers with…
* Extra student activities
* Extra exam tips
* Extra practice for the computer-based PETCambridge Exams Extra – PET provides authentic past papers from Cambridge ESOL, plus a wealth of extra material for use in the classroom or for self-study. It comprises four complete PET past papers, a useful exam overview and helpful guidance on tackling each part of each paper. The accompanying CD-ROM contains the same four papers that appear in the book, giving students the option of trying out the PET in electronic format.
Extra provides authentic past papers, plus a wealth of extra material for use in the classroom or for self-study. This title contains a useful exam overview and helpful guidance on tackling each part of each paper.

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Tài liệu kỳ thi CFA



danh muc CFa 2014 curriculum 03 levels


Ảnh số 3: CFA 2014 Curriculum Level1 - Giá: 1.000  Ảnh số 1: CFA 2014 Curriculum Level2 - Giá: 1.000  Ảnh số 2: CFA 2014 Curriculum Level3 - Giá: 1.000

cfa level 1 2014 curriculum full book download


cfa level 2 2014 curriculum full book download

cfa level 3 2014 curriculum full book download

Các tài liệu CFA bao gồm các năm: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Đầy đủ cả 3 level gồm:

16 CD Videos + workbooks

Study Notes


Question bank (Phần mềm tạo bài thi và kiểm tra)

Practice Exams

Mock Exam

Quick study guide

Secret Sauce

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