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Mc Grawhill 500 questions to know by test day (SAT reading, writing and language)

500 questions to know by test day (SAT reading, writing and language)
Mc Graw Hill education

500 Ways to achieve your highest score!

We can help you succeed on your Reading and Writing sections of the SAT! That’s why we’ve selected these targeted 500 questions to help you study more effectively, and use your review time wisely to achieve your best score. These questions are similar to the ones you’ll find on the SAT, so you will know what to expect on test day.

Each question includes a full explanation in the answer key. You can use these questions to supplement your overall preparation or run them all shortly before the test. Either way, McGraw-Hill’s 500 SAT Reading and Writing Questions to Know by Test Day, 2nd Edition will help you achieve the score you want!

This valuable study guide features:

• 500 SAT Reading and Writing questions and answers
• Answers with full explanations for each question
• Intensive practice for achieving a high score
• Material that matches the latest SAT

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500 ký tự tiếng Hoa cơ bản – 500 Basic Chinese Characters

500 ký tự tiếng Hoa cơ bản – 500 Basic Chinese Characters

The most Practical Cracking Elementary Course

  • * Cuốn 500 ký tự tiếng Hoa cơ bản dành cho người mới học tiếng Hoa
  • * Cuốn sách giúp người nước ngoài trong thời gian ngắn có thể nắm bắt được 500 chữ Hán cơ bản nhất, trên cơ sở đó học thêm chữ mới sẽ dễ hơn.
  • * Giảng chữ đi kèm hình ảnh minh họa, cùng với các phần giảng giúp về cách viết, phiên âm, cách viết, từ thường dùng… giúp người học ghi nhớ nhanh là lâu.


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500 PSAT Practice Questions – the princeton review

500 psat

500 psat

500 PSAT Practice Questions – the princeton review

THE PRINCETON REVIEW GETS RESULTS. Get all the prep you need to ace the PSAT with 500 practice questions & everything you need to know about National Merit Scholarships!

This eBook edition has been optimized for on-screen viewing with cross-linked questions, answers, and explanations.

Techniques That Actually Work.
• Targeted drills for all PSAT topics
• Answers and detailed explanations for every question
• Preparation that helps you succeed across all setions of the test
Everything You Need To Know for a High Score.
• Examples of all question types, including Sentence Completions and Writing Skills
• Tips on how to qualify for National Merit recognition

Practice Your Way to Perfection.
• Equivalent to 3 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations
• Practice that replicates the real test and covers all sections: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing Skills

Báo giá: Bản sách photo 210.000 VNĐ