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English Unlocked! Intermediate B1

English Unlocked!  Intermediate B1

Dictionary of English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions

English Unlocked! • IntermediateB1

English Verb Drills

Read & Think English

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Traveller Elementary : Interactive Whiteboard Material

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Traveller is an exciting seven-level course for teenage and young adult learners, that takes them from Beginner to Advanced level. It follows the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference, the modular approach and is organised into 8 topic-based modules.

– Motivating and contemporary topics with multicultural and cross-curricular information
– Lively dialogues presenting real spoken English
– An integrated approach to the development of the four skills
– Special emphasis on vocabulary building
– Grammar presented and practised in context
– Systematic development of reading and listening skills and subskills
– A variety of communicative tasks
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