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Ebook ngoại ngữ T3/12

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British or American English

Edition: 2006
Pages: 348

Longman Dictionary of American English 4th Edition

Oxford Learners Grammar : Grammar Finder

Cambridge English Idioms in Use Intermediate

English Grammar (Richard Hudson)

Edition: 2003

Los Verbos Espanoles

Ielts simulation Tests

Esperanto sem Mastre

Edition: 2013
Pages: 275

La pratique de la correspondance

English Verbs Essentials of Grammar for ESL Leanrners

English Verb Drills

German Grammar Drills

Oxford Japanese Grammar & Verbs

Pair work 1, pari work 2, pairwork 3

Colloquial Norwegian
The Complete Language Course

Working Spanish for Teachers and Education Professionals

Modern Italian Grammar a Practical Guide

A History of the German Language Through Texts

A Dutch Vocabulary


Writing Education Research: Guidelines for Publishable Scholarship by Joy Egbert, Sherry Sanden

How to Teach Teenagers Like a Pro

Oxford English for Information Technology + Audio CD

The Hutchinson Dictionary of Abbreviations

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Tổng hợp các phần mềm học ngoại ngữ

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  • Rocket French
  • DeclanFrenchFlashcards
  • German Declan FlashCards
  • Korean HakGyo
  • Spanish Declan Flashcard
  • Tell Me More Chinese
  • Declans Chinese Dictionary
  • Declans Read Write Chinese Simplified
  • Declans Chinese FlashCards
  • Rocket Chinese
  • Power Chinese
  • Chinese_Symbol_Studio
  • Tiếng Trung cho người Việt
  • Rocket German
  • Rocket Japanese
  • Declan.Software_ReadWrite.Hiragana
  • Declan.Software_ReadWrite.Kanji
  • Declan.Software_ReadWrite.Katakana
  • Declan.Software_Japanese.FlashCards
  • Declan.Software_Japanese.Dictionary
  • Human Japanese
  • Power Japan
  • Tell Me More – Japanese
  • JaViDic Pro
  • Rocket Spanish
  • Lefrancaispar etapes
  • BYKI Deluxe Japanese
  • VCD_Minna_no_nihongo
  • Shinnihongo no kiso Video
  • Các ngôn ngữ của phần mềm The rosetta stone
  • Các ngôn ngữ của chương trình Pimsleur
  • Pronunciation idiom (PronunciationPowerIdioms)
  • StyleWriter
  • Vocaboly
  • Whitesmoke
  • Talk Spanish
  • korean class 101
  • CosCom 2001 Kanji Odyssey
  • JML.Javidic.2010
  • JML Lingvosoft Talking Phrasebook VN JP
  • JML TaTa MinNa
  • VoiceText-TTS-NeoSpeech-Japanese-Voice-Misaki
  • zkanji_0_717

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Kanji in Context (Reference Book)


kanji in context

Kanji in Context is a series of three books. The books are the joint work of the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies and the Japan Times. The Center is one of the most prestigious Japanese Language Schools in Japan, and is a partnership between Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, the University of Chicago, and other famous US universities. The “Reference book” includes all 1945 kanji recommended for learning by the Japanese Ministry of Education, along with most of the JLPT 1kyuu vocabulary. Difficult words (those with unusual readings or those that are compounds including a kanji not yet learned) are marked with a diamond so you know you don’t have to learn them yet because you’ll be able to pick them up with one of the other kanji later.

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Making Out In Japanese

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Making Out In Japanese

The books in the Making Out series are fun and accessible guides to languages as they’re spoken on the street. These classic phrase books have been updated and expanded for use in informal situations such as bars, parties, or anywhere else one needs to know slang to survive! The books also now feature phrases written in their native script as well as in English, so the book can be shown to the person you are trying to communicate with. With transcriptions revised for easier pronunciation, these helpful books will have you making out in no time!

More Making Out in Japanese has been thoroughly updated and expanded to be even more helpful as a guide to modern colloquial Japanese for use in everyday informal interactions-giving access to the sort of catchy expressions that aren’t covered in traditional language materials. As well as the romanized forms, each expression is now given in authentic Japanese script (kanji kana with furigana pronunciation clues), so that in the case of difficulties the book can be shown to person the user is trying to communicate with.

Pages: 128

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