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I can read phonics – biscuit

I can read phonics – biscuit

Bộ sách bao gồm 12 cuốn dạy trẻ những từ ngữ đơn giản thông qua các câu truyện gần gũi, sống động. Nhờ đó mà trẻ biết cách phát âm, đánh vần các từ tiếng Anh cơ bản một cách chính xác và tự nhiên nhất!

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Teaching Children to Read The Teacher Makes the Difference, 6 edition

The new 6th edition of the highly popular, market-leading Teaching Children to Read, 6/e is a must-have resource for pre-service and new teachers alike. It presents a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to reading instruction that reinforces the centrality of the teacher’s role in every aspect of teaching and learning. The authors organize each chapter into seven pillars of evidence-based, effective reading instruction: Teacher Knowledge, Assessment, Evidence-Based Instruction Practices, Response to Intervention, Family and Community Connections, and, new to this edition, Motivation and Engagement, and Technology and New Literacies. The book uses color-coding for each of the seven pillars making navigation of each chapter easy and accessible.

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