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How to Teach Grammar Like A Pro

60 time-saving grammar cheat sheets you’ll be using every day.
Tired of wincing every time you have to teach grammar? Bored of having to teach things like the Past Simple and Present Perfect again and again? This e-book will give you fresh ideas you can start using today, including 60 time-saving grammar cheat sheets you’ll be dying to use!
This is the smartest way we know to teach grammar. You’ll be prepared, we promise!
These compact cheat sheets are filled with plenty of example activities that will help you get ready for your next grammar lesson in the blink of an eye! They cover everything from teaching the verb ‘TO BE’ to teaching the difference between gerund and infinitive.
Don’t waste another moment – we know you want it!
Grab your copy today, be proud of your grammar lessons tomorrow!

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Bộ sách Daily Warm Up Reading 10 books

Các cuốn trong bộ sách bao gồm:

1. Daily Warm-Ups Reading Grade 1
2. Daily Warm-Ups Reading Grade 2
3. Daily Warm-Ups Nonfiction Reading Grade 2
4. Daily Warm-Ups Reading Grade 3
5. Daily Warm-Ups Reading Grade 4
6. Daily Warm-Ups Reading Grade 5
7. G6 – Daily Warm-Ups – NonFiction Reading Grade 6
8. G6 – Daily Warm-Ups – Reading Grade 6
9. Daily Warm-Ups Reading Grade 7
10. Daily Warm-Ups Reading Grade 8

Bộ sách dành cho học sinh tự học đọc hoặc làm giáo trình cho giáo viên giảng dậy. Qua các bài đọc và các bài tập, học sinh sẽ được học từ thấp đến cao các chủ đề từ khoa học, lịch sử, xã hội, tự nhiên… để xây dựng vốn từ vựng và các cấu trúc câu, đồng thời tăng cường khả năng đọc hiểu Tiếng Anh.

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Hướng dẫn sử dụng mẫu câu tiếng anh – Guide to patterns and usage in english : A.S. Hornby

Hướng dẫn sử dụng mẫu câu tiếng anh – Guide to patterns and usage in english : A.S. Hornby


Trước đây, người học tiếng Anh tuân theo các quy ước nghiêm nhặt của Văn phạm quy tắc (Prescriptive Grammar). Trong đó, sách ngữ pháp chú trọng đến phép biến đổi từ loại (accidence) và cú pháp (syntax), đồng thời quan tâm đến việc mô tả các loại từ và sự phát triển của ngôn ngữ. Loại văn phạm cổ điển này chỉ giúp học sinh biết về ngôn ngữ chứ không hữu dụng trong việc giúp họ học cách dùng ngôn ngữ. Ngày nay, việc dạy và học Anh ngữ đã chuyển sang một bước ngoặt mới, đó là học tập Văn phạm miêu tả (Descriptive Grammar). Một trong những ưu điểm của loại hình này là nó đòi hỏi học sinh tìm hiểu sâu hơn đến cách kiến trúc một câu. Họ cần làm quen với các mẫu câu tiếng Anh. Bởi lẽ, việc thành thạo vị trí của các từ, nhóm từ, mệnh đề trong câu góp phần quan trọng trong sự hình thành kĩ năng Viết, Đọc, thậm chí Nghe, Nói tốt.

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Pronunciation Practice Activities with Audio CD A Resource Book for Teaching English Pronunciation

Product description

This is a resource book for teachers looking for ideas on how they can make pronunciation teaching more interesting. It contains a collection of pronunciation practice activities for a wide range of levels, using a variety of methods.

Divided into two parts, the first part introduces information about phonetics and phonology as background to the teaching activities, without being overwhelming. It also highlights some of the current areas of debate and discussion in the teaching and learning of English pronunciation.

The second part of the book contains nearly 100 pronunciation activities divided into eight sections: Developing awareness; Sounds; Connected speech: Syllables and stress; Intonation; Pronunciation and spelling, grammar and vocabulary; Testing and Resources for pronunciation teaching.

The book is accompanied by an audio CD with material to support the activities.

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Cambridge YLE Official Preparation Materials

Bộ sách bao gồm:

Word List Picture Book | ● Starters ● Movers ● Flyers

  • YLE Sample Papers Volume 1
  • YLE Sample Papers Volume 2
  • Cb Word List Picture Book Starters
  • Cb Word List Picture Book Movers
  • Cb Word List Picture Book Flyers
  • YLE Combined Word List
  • YLE Handbook for Teachers
  • YLE Info for Candidates and Parents

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Vocabulary Games for the Classroom

Vocabulary Games for the Classroom

Strong vocabulary is a vital foundation needed all academic subject areas. Unfortunately, learning vocabulary is not always enjoyable or easy for students. With Vocabulary Games for the Classroom, however, Lindsay Carleton and Robert J. Marzano have devised a way to make this important instruction something both students and teachers look forward to. Vocabulary Games for the Classroom provides K 12 teachers with thirteen games designed to build academic vocabulary. While these games are certainly fun, and teachers should capitalize on the energy and excitement they generate, they should also be seen as one part of a systematic approach to direct vocabulary instruction. This resource includes hundreds of hand-picked vocabulary terms compiled from Marzano s work with schools, districts, and states. These vocabulary lists include terms for four different content areas language arts, math, science, and social studies across all grade levels. If a teacher s school or district has already established lists of academic terms for core content areas at each grade level, they can use the lists provided here as a supplement. Teachers should also feel free to make adaptations and additions to both the games and the provided vocabulary lists in order to enhance students knowledge of new terminology. The structure of Vocabulary Games for the Classroom is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Each game begins with a brief description that includes details about which grade levels it was designed for, which subject areas it works best with, and whether the students should already be familiar with the vocabulary used or not. Next, the necessary materials are listed to help teachers prepare for the game ahead of time. Instructions to set up the game are then provided; this section includes any preparation that would need to be completed in advance. Following the set up, the game s directions are explained clearly and concisely so that the reader can visualize the game in his or her classroom. Finally, the vocabulary terms used for the game are discussed; in some cases vocabulary lists are provided, in others, the vocabulary list would be tailored to the classroom or pulled from the extensive appendix. Many games also include sample questions and exercises that can be used straight from the book. With this resource, readers will be able to make vocabulary instruction in their classroom not only fun, but also successful.

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Insight Intermediate: Teacher’s Resource Disk + Test Bank Multirom

Insight Intermediate: Teacher’s Resource Disk + Test Bank Multirom

Jayne Wildman

insight is a five-level British English course for secondary students that will challenge your students to reach their full potential, develop their understanding and knowledge of language and inspire them to a lifelong love of learning.

  • Level: Elementary to Advanced (A1-C1)

insight is packed full of thought-provoking topics, information-rich texts and interesting activities and tasks that will motivate and engage your students whilst challenging their opinions and inspiring them to think critically about the world they live in.

insight will help your students to develop a deeper understanding of how language works. Lesson material looks at not just the meaning of vocabulary but also the grammatical rules that govern its use, enabling students to use language with confidence.

insight offers everything you need to make your lessons engaging and informative, whilst the interactive online teaching tools and integrated video/audio will enrich your students’ learning in the classroom.

Students are supported to learn good study habits through strategy boxes and step-by-step guides throughout the course, and unlimited online practice enhances independent learning at home, whilst also allowing you to easily track student’s progress and spend less time marking.

  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook
  • Workbook with Online Practice
  • Online Workbook Plus
  • Teacher’s Book and Resource Disk
  • iTools
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Test Bank Multi-ROM

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NorthStar Building Skills for the toefl iBT ( Teacher’s manual with ets scoring guide)

NorthStar Building Skills for the toefl iBT ( Teacher’s manual with ets scoring guide) – intermediate with audio CD

Sách gốc

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Compassion and Education Cultivating Compassionate Children, Schools and Communities

Compassion and Education Cultivating Compassionate Children, Schools and Communities

Edition: 2017
Pages: 180


This book makes a defence of compassion as an essential and significant quality that should be at the heart of the education of young people. It provides a careful exploration of what compassion means; how it is relevant to the various relationships among students, teachers, and the wider community; and the particular pedagogical processes that can and might develop compassion. Understanding and justifying compassion as a virtue, this book argues that compassion is a virtue central to all human relationships from the familial, to the communal and to the global. It will be of interest to academics, research and students of education.

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Teaching Children to Read The Teacher Makes the Difference, 6 edition

The new 6th edition of the highly popular, market-leading Teaching Children to Read, 6/e is a must-have resource for pre-service and new teachers alike. It presents a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to reading instruction that reinforces the centrality of the teacher’s role in every aspect of teaching and learning. The authors organize each chapter into seven pillars of evidence-based, effective reading instruction: Teacher Knowledge, Assessment, Evidence-Based Instruction Practices, Response to Intervention, Family and Community Connections, and, new to this edition, Motivation and Engagement, and Technology and New Literacies. The book uses color-coding for each of the seven pillars making navigation of each chapter easy and accessible.

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