Basic Ielts writing

Basic IELTS Writing
Exam preparation is a vital period for candidates who wish to obtain an internationally recognised certificate, specially the IELTS one. Such candidate will find it less stressful if they can have relevant and beneficial material in hand. Basic IELTS – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing have, consequently, been designed to meet your demand.
Basic IELTS series aim at
– Providing IELTS candiate with a basic English language ability,
– Enlarging candidates’ stock of vocabulary, and
– Giving candidates insight into the social life and culture of the English-speaking commnunities.
Basic IELTS series are suitable for those who want to achieve a band score of 4 – 5+ in the IELTS test. They are also practical materials for high school students, student of pre-intermediate level, and for those who want to build up a solid foundation in their English language competence.
The main features of this series of books are as follows:
-Designed in accordance with the content, format, and objectives of the IELTS test.
– Reflecting the updated IELTS question types
– Meeting the demand and expectations of the focussed candidates
– Containing authentic, interesting, and rewarding materials
As far as Basic IELTS Writing is concerned, it is designed for candidates preparing to achieve approximately between 4 and 5 in the IELTS exam, but language students at a pre-intermediate level many also find some aspects of the book of use. The aim of this book is to help candidates of both General Training and Academic Modules to familiarise themselves with the format of the IELTS Writing test and to be competent in their writing.

Basic IELTS Writing certainly meets the need of candidates who will sit the Academic Module, but General Training Module candidates can also find it very beneficial.

On completion of Basic IELTS Writing, you will be able to

  • write tasks in the IELTS Writing test,
  • apply useful tips and techniques in taking the IELTS Writing test,
  • be well prepared for gaining a higher score in your actual exam, and
  • achieve your desired band score in the near future.

Hopefully, you will find Basic IELTS Writing truly helpful and rewarding, and you can eventually achieve your desired goal.

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