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Phần mềm và sách luyện và sửa phát âm Anh Mỹ

Pronunciation Training Techniques
Pronunciation Webinar
20 Days of English Pronunciation (20 Episodes)
Perfect English Pronunciation Practice
Speakout 2E Advanced: Pronunciation Extra
EAP English for Academic Study – Pronunciation New Edition (Study Book)
American English Pronunciation
Pronunciation Power 2 CD programes
American English Pronunciation (with subtitles) – Vowels and Diphthongs (New Version)
Handbook of English Pronunciation
Gimson’s Pronunciation of English — 8th edition (2014)
Pronunciation is in the Brain, not in the Mouth: A Cognitive Approach to Teaching it
Improve your pronunciation. Workbook
Teaching and Researching the Pronunciation of English
Tips for Teaching Pronunciation – A practical approach
Understanding English Pronunciation: An Integrated Practice Course
Work On Your Accent: Clearer Pronunciation for Better Communication (with Audio and Video Content)

English Pronunciation Programme: Bertlitz the Language Experts
Perfecting Your English Pronunciation
VOA Pronunciation Guide Offline
American Pronunciation Tricks (American Accent Training)
The Book of Pronunciation: Proposals for a Practical Pedagogy (with Audio CD)
Teaching American English Pronunciation (Handbooks for Language Teachers)
Pronunciation Power 1 & 2
In Tempo – An English pronunciation course
Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
Pronunciation Manual
Learn Pronunciation a,e,i,o,u,ae,aa,ei…
American English Pronunciation (with transcriptions)
American English Pronunciation (with transcriptions)
English Pronunciation Practice
ABC Pronunciary: American English Pronunciation Dictionary
Sound Foundations: Learning and Teaching Pronunciation
Get Rid of Your Accent: The English Pronunciation and Speech Training Manual
Developing Listening Skills and Pronunciation
Pronunciation by SDA Lab
American English Pronunciation (with subtitles)

Longman Pronunciation Coach
The Pronunciation Suite
Know Your English – Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Idioms
Pronunciation Practice
English Pronunciation Illustrated
Pronunciation pairs (Student book + Audio)
Pronunciation Pairs: Teacher’s Manual (TB)
Pronunciation course
Gimson’s Pronunciation of English 7th edition
Living Language – Easy Pronunciation
Primary Pronunciation Box (phần mềm phát âm cho trẻ em)
English Pronunciation in Use (Elementary)
English Pronunciation in Use (Intermediate) ( Book + Audio)
English Pronunciation in Use (Advanced)
Introducing English Pronunciation: A Teacher’s Guide to Tree or Three? and Ship or Sheep?
Pronunciation practice activities: a resource book for teaching English(Book and Audio CD)
Pronunciation Games
Better English Pronunciation
Clear Speech Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension (book+audio)
Well Said – Pronunciation for Clear Communication
American English Pronunciation Podcast
Pronunciation (Resource Books for Teachers)
Elements Of Pronunciation (book PDF + MP3 )
BBC learning English: Pronunciation tips
Accurate English: A Complete Course in Pronunciation – (BOOK + AUDIO)
New Headway Pronunciation Course – all levels (Book + Audio)
Mind your pronunciation!
Speaking Clearly: Improving Pronunciation
The Pronunciation of English: A Course Book
Pronunciation Patterns 3.0 Educational
How to Teach Pronunciation [ book + Audio]
English Pronunciation Made Simple
Sounds English. A Pronunciation Practice Course (Book Audio)
English pronunciation on CD-ROM
Instant Immersion English Grammar and Pronunciation
Test Your Pronunciation (book + audio CD)
ABC Pronunciary: American English Pronunciation Dictionary (Video)
English Pronunciation Guide

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Tuyển chọn đề thi bồi dưỡng học sinh giỏi lớp 6 7 8 môn tiếng anh

– Sách chọn lọc các đề thi học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh cho học sinh lớp 6,7,8

– Các dạng đề phong phú, bám sát chương trình thi

– Đáp án và hướng dẫn giải cụ thể

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Phần mềm học từ vựng Supermemo 15.4

Phần mềm học từ vựng Supermemo phiên bản mới nhất Supermemo 16, các phiên bản cũ hơn: supermemo 15, supermemo 2012, supermemo 2008, supermemo 2006 …

Đây là phần mềm ghi nhớ các từ vựng dành cho người học tiếng Anh. Phần mềm giúp cho chúng ta

  • học nhanh và ghi nhớ rất lâu những gì cần nhớ (từ vựng, ngữ pháp … )
  • Giúp bạn ghi nhớ được nhiều từ mới với ít thời gian hơn
  • Lưu trữ được các bài học và có thể học nhiều lần
  • Tạo câu hỏi, ôn thi trắc nghiệm
  • Sử dụng để ghi nhớ bài học …
  • Tính năng chèn hình ảnh, âm thanh, file vào trong các thẻ nhớ …
  • Tham khảo cách sử dụng phần mềm và các tính năng ở đây: LINK

Ví dụ sử dụng phần mềm để học tập, học ngoại ngữ:

sử dụng để học tiếng Nhật

sử dụng để học tập, ghi nhớ những vấn đề kỹ thuật

Giới thiệu phần mềm bằng tiếng Anh:

// 4 Main Purposes //

  • Tidy up your collection for various kinds of materials that you want to memorize or learn
  • Test your memory and make a report
  • Set up your own review and repeat algorithm/model (it can calculate the optimized review time interval for your learning material)
  • Save time (you don’t have to waste time to remember the things you have been very familiar with, so that you can achieve an amazing learning efficiency)

// Key Features //

  • Efficient learning
  • Knowledge Machine
  • Information management
  • Incremental learning
  • Priority queue
  • Element difficulty
  • Imports from the web
  • References
  • Levels
  • Rescheduling
  • Review calendar
  • Contents tree
  • Registries
  • Sleep analysis
  • Statistics
  • Programmable degree of recall
  • Various forms of knowledge tests
  • Subset operations
  • Element browser with table and thumb display modes
  • Workload management with tasklists
  • Time management with schedule planning based on proportional time allocations
  • Incremental e-mail processing
  • Learning timeline
  • Functions typical to other Windows software

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Cambridge Grammar of English CDROM

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A major reference grammar offering comprehensive coverage of spoken and written English based on real everyday usage. With its clear, two part structure, this is a user-friendly book from the world’s leading English grammar publisher. The version with accompanying CD-ROM (Windows only) makes Cambridge Grammar of English even more accessible with: • The whole book in handy, searchable format. • Audio recordings of all the examples from the book. • Links to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary online for instant definitions of new vocabulary.

Phần mềm học ngữ pháp của Cambridge cài trên máy tính!

Báo giá: 30.000 VNĐ. Hỗ trợ cài đặt miễn phí!

Phần mềm học từ vựng: WordHacker Golden Edition

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Phần mềm học từ vựng cho các kỳ thi tiếng Anh quốc tế: WordHacker Golden Edition

Báo giá: 50.000 VNĐ


Tài liệu ngoại ngữ mới cập nhật Tháng 3/2015 – 11

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English collocation in use (software)

English collocation in use advanced (course book)

English collocation in use intermediate (course book)

Cambridge global english course book + learner book

Cambridge igcse first language english

Cambridge primary english

How to speak english fluently in 1 week – edward clemons

Analyzing the grammar of english

Writing Dissertations and Theses

German Demystified A Self Teaching Guide

Just enough english grammar illustrated – Mc graw hill

ESL – English as a Second Language – QuickStudy

Voyages in english (grammar and writing)

Practice makes perfect english sentence builder(bbs)

Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics
4th edition

Grammar for teacher (Springer)

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Modern mandarin Chinese grammar

How to speak english fluently

High-interest building vocabulary skills & strategies

Grammar for Everyone

Grammatik aktiv

Tips for Language Learners

English grammar demystified – Mc graw hill

Schaum’s Outline of French

1000Questions de Français

Teach Yourself Cantonese

English with Games and Activities

Common Errors in English

Improve written english

Team up in english

Rules patterns and words grammar and lexis in english language teaching willis dave

When bad grammar happens to good people how to avoid common errors in english

The Grammar Cracker

Gerald nelson english an essential grammar

Oxford guide to english grammar

Elements of Language Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Language skills practice Holt, Rinehart and Winston (G8, G12)

English unlocked! advanced

Vocabulary in Action

English For Social Interaction

The Big Yellow Book of German Verbs

Colloquial Italian 2

Practical Hungarian Grammar

Developing Writing Skills In German

Longman Essential Activator

Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Household Maintenance and Child Care

101Quick Thinking Games Riddles for Children

Oxford Dictionary of Idioms

Singing Grammar

Academic Vocabulary in Use

Linguistics Awareness in Multilinguals

McGraw-Hill’s German Student Dictionary

Collins Easy Learning English Conversation
Grammar workbook for the sat and act
The Online English Teacher
Grammar express
Grammar and vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency
Collins English For Business – Business Vocabulary In Practice
Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Studies: Coursebook with CD-ROM
Oxford natural english reading and writing skills
101 English Grammar Worksheets for English Learners
Collins English For Life – Speaking
Giáo trình: Tiếng Anh chuyên ngành tài chính

The Rough Guide Mexican Spanish Phrasebook

Swedish An Essential Grammar

English Collocations in Use Advanced

A Functional Reference Grammar of Cebuano

Speak Norwegian with Confidence

Webster’s New World 575+ French Verbs

DUDEN Stilwörterbuch
der deutschen Sprache

Greek Proverbs

French Colloquial 2

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Các phần mềm luyện IQ và tăng cường sự hoạt động não bộ, sáng tạo

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Các phần mềm luyện IQ và tăng cường sự hoạt động não bộ, sáng tạo

Phần mềm

Trắc nghiệm IQ tiếng Việt




Trắc nghiệm IQ tiếng Anh



Tìm hiều về IQ và cách tăng cường điểm số IQ


Một số trò chơi phát huy trí tuệ


Brain Training for Dummies : Foxy Games

Brain Training Advanced (hãng MASC Software BV)

Brain Training Beginners (hãng MASC Software BV)

Brain Training Deluxe (hãng MASC Software BV)

Brain Workshop

Memory Brain Training App (Lumosity, Brain Fitness, Dr Kawashima, neuronation, einstein, intelligence, iq test, brain challenge) : Dành cho Android

Cho trẻ em: Phần mềm Little Fingers


Brain Training – Boost memory, maximize mental agility

Brain Training Boost Memory (DK – foreword by Tony Buzan)

Brainworks – The Mind-bending Science of How You See, What You Think, and Who You Are

Brain Flexing IQ Tests

How to Calculate Quickly – Full Course in Speed Arithmetic

Hypnosis Brain Training. Change your Life

How to Think Like Sherlock Improve Your Powers of Observation, Memory and Deduction

NatGeo Test your Brain 1 2 3

The Rough Guide Book of Brain Training

The Ultimate IQ Test Book 1,000 Practice Test Questions to Boost Your Brain Power

The Ultimate Mental Challenge Over 500 Differfent Puzzles and Tests Designed to Give Your Brain the Ultimate Workout

Training Your Brain For Dummies

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English Grammar Today

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A major grammar reference book of modern English specially written for B1-B2 learners of English. English Grammar Today is an indispensable reference guide to contemporary English grammar and usage. With hundreds of clear grammar explanations and authentic examples taken from the Cambridge International Corpus, it is ideal for learners of English at CEF levels B1-B2, as well as teachers looking for clear explanations of natural spoken and written English.
CD-ROM provides the book content, plus nearly 200 additional entries. It also contains audio recordings of all the examples and dialogues in the book so that learners can hear as well as read the grammar.
Báo giá: 30.000 VNĐ