Key Features

Audio CDs for further self-study or homework
Varied lecture styles, topics and international accents
Extended authentic listening texts of up to ten minutes
Units cover both macro-skills and micro-skills (word and sentence stress, recognising word patterns)
Separately available DVD provides a realistic learning environment, showing how visual prompts aid understanding and presentation
Ideal for classroom or media centres


Unit 1: Listening and lectures
Unit 2: Introductions to lectures
Unit 3: Identifying key ideas in lectures
Unit 4: Note-taking: part 1
Unit 5: Note-taking: part 2
Unit 6: Introducing new terminology
Unit 7: What lecturers do in lectures
Unit 8: Digressions


“This book is devoted to advanced-level listening and note-taking skills. Extracts on the two CDs are based on real lectures from academic fields such as banking, linguistics and psychology. The eight units are divided into two sections: macro-skills (e.g., note-taking) and micro-skills (e.g., word and sentence stress) with a rich blend of activities. A wide range of topics such as globalization, criminal courts and satellites are complemented by helpful unit summaries and ‘sound advice’ sections.”

Tài liệu bao gồm: sách, Cd, DVD.

Category: English for Academic Purposes
Level: Upper intermediate to advanced
CEF: B2 to C1
IELTS: 5.0 to 7.0

Báo giá bản mềm: 50.000 VNĐ

Bản in: 0988.674.911 email:

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