The GMAT Ultimate Grammar Book covers all the GMAT Sentence Correction (SC) topics that you need to master before taking the verbal section on the GMAT. Whether English is your native language and you want to brush up or as a non-native speaker you are just learning the rules of English grammar, this comprehensive book can walk you through the basics and systemmatically work your way to an advanced level of the English language sentence structure. The book includes:
✓ 500+ exercises and 500+ test questions with answer key
✓ Covers all grammar rules from Articles to Parallelism with detailed explanations and examples
✓ List of common prepositions, irregular verbs, idioms (plus examples), and commonly confused and misused words
✓ 4 tests: 1 after each section and 1 final exam

The GMAT Ultimate Grammar for GMAT Sentence Correction was compiled by the GMAT Club, a community of over 130K members, including GMAT Preparation experts, who discuss the GMAT, MBA application process, and more.

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