Grimms’ Fairy Tales (Vintage Childrens Classics) – Truyện cổ tích Grimm (Tiếng Anh) dành cho học sinh

Grimms’ Fairy Tales (Vintage Childrens Classics) – Truyện cổ tích Grimm (Tiếng Anh) dành cho học sinh

Lời giới thiệu:

Cuốn truyện cổ tích Grimm đã từng làm say đắm biết bao thế hệ, là người bạn thân thiết của lứa tuổi học sinh. Nay với 50  truyện được tập hợp trong cuốn Grimms’ Fairy Tales được viết  bằng ngôn ngữ tiếng Anh giản dị, trong sáng sẽ là nguồn tài liệu và kiến thức phong phú cho các con vừa học, vừa vui. Cuốn sách phù hợp với học sinh cấp 1, cấp 2.

Danh sách các truyện có trong sách:

  • 1. The Frog King
    2. The Marverllous Minstrel
    3. Riffraff
    4. Brother and Sister
    5. Rapunzel
    6. The Fisherman and His Wife
    7. The Brave Little Tailor
    8. Cinderella
    9. The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage
    10. Mother Holle
    11. Little Red Cap
    12. The Bremen Town Musicians
    13. The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs
    14. Thumbling
    15. The Wedding of Mrs Fox
    16. The Robber Bridegroom
    17. The Juniper Tree
    18. Old Sultan
    19. Brier Rose
    20. King Thrushbeard
    21. Snow White
    22. Rumpelstiltskin
    23. The Golden Bird
    24. The Dog and the Sparrow
    25. Freddy and Katy
    26. The Queen Bee
    27. The Golden Goose
    28. All Fur
    29. Hansel and Gretel
    30. Jorinda and Joringel
    31. The Three Sons of Fortune
    32. The Elves
    33. CleverGretel
    34. Lucky Hans
    35. The Singing, Springing Lark
    36. The Goose Girl
    37. The Young Giant
    38. The King of the Golden Mountain
    39. The Water of Life
    40. The Wren and the Bear
    41. The Pea Test
    42. The Lettuce Donkey
    43. The Four Skilful Brothers
    44. The Fox and the Horse
    45. The Wown-out Dancing Shoes
    46. The Six Servants
    47. The Turnip
    48. The Three Lazy Sons
    49. Snow White and Rose Red
    50. Puss in Boots

Giới thiệu về cuốn Truyện cổ tích Grimm Tiếng Anh (  Vintage Classics)

Once upon a time i> nce upon a time there was a book, and inside the book were princes who had been turned into frogs or ferocious beasts, princesses so beautiful they astonished the sun, faithful sweethearts and evil stepmothers, giants taller than mountains and a boy no bigger than your thumb, houses made of bread and cake and birds made of gold – in fact, all manner of mysterious, monstrous and magical things. The book is in your hands. Read it happily ever after. Includes exclusive material- In the Backstory you can learn to make your own gingerbread! Vintage Children’s Classics is a twenty-first century classics list aimed at 8-12 year olds and the adults in their lives. Discover timeless favourites from The Jungle Book and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to modern classics such as The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

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A collection of traditional fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. These strange and moving stories will stay with you all your life

About the Author

Jacob Grimm was born in 1785, followed by his brother Wilhelm in 1786. Their father, Phillipp, a judge, was ambitious and prosperous, while their mother, Dorothea, was a devoted and caring housewife, and they also had three more brothers and a sister. They lived in the town of Steinau in central Germany, in a large comfortable home. All the children went to school, and Jacob and Wilhelm were particularly bright and hard-working. Philipp Grimm died suddenly in 1796 and Dorothea and her children had to live on a much smaller income, though arrangements were made for Jacob and Wilhelm to continue their studies at a prestigious high school. lthough the brothers were very different – Jacob was serious and strong, while Wilhelm was outgoing, cheerful and asthmatic – they were inseparable and totally devoted to one another.They were both determined to prove themselves to be the best students at their school, studying for more than twelve hours a day. At university, the brothers discovered the study of ancient German literature and folk tales and began to collect these fairy stories, which were eventually published in two large volumes in 1812 and 1815. The brothers worked in business a


“Everyone should possess and know Grimm’s Fairy Tales – one of the great books of the world” * New York Times Book Review * “Rediscover stories from a time long before Disney got its hands on Rapunzel, of beautiful orphaned daughters and noble princes, when children still wished upon the moon. The perfect addition to any nursery library” * Daily Telegraph * “I, for one, devoured fairy tales as a little girl” — J.K Rowling “The Brother’s Grimm were responsible for these fairytales that informed my life and made it as interesting, or as confused, or as wondrous as it is” — Terry Gilliam “In a utilitarian age, of all other times, it is a matter of grave importance that fairy tales should be respected” — Charles Dickens


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