New SAT reading: Vice and Virtue in the exploraton of Democracy, Advanced practice Series, Ies test prep
sat reading Ies politics | Khalid Khashoggi, Arianna Astuni
Reading comprehension for high complexity passages
– Analysis of the founding Documents section
– Time-saving Advice, Proven Strategies
– Essential Historical and Political Context

* 50 high-complexity reading passages
* 500 practice test questions
* 2000 answers explained

Dense text and U.S. founding documents are made easy and accessible through this practice book. Students receive a chapter-by-chapter overview of principles and tenets that establish American democracy and its influence on a global scale. Included in each chapter are passages with questions that match the quality of the New SAT U.S. History/ Global Conversation passages. – Chapter-by-chapter overviews on democratic history – 50 specialized U.S. History/ Global Conversation passages – 500 SAT Reading practice questions

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