Reading Challenge 123 with audio cd mp3

Reading Challenge is a three-level non-fiction reading series designed for high-beginner to intermediate young adult English language learners. The graded readings in the series allow learners to comfortably progress from easily accessible readings to more challenging ones through repeated exposure to commonly encountered non-fiction structures and vocabulary. Exercises in each unit provide learners the opportunity to develop their reading, listening, speaking, and writing through activities and exercises targeting each of the four skills. A CD Audio supplement for reading passages and listening activities included with each book.

Key features include:

– Non-fiction content accessible to low-proficiency readers

– Common idiomatic expressions incorporated within each passage

– Exercises to practice reading, listening, speaking, and writing

– Sample passages to support guided writing practice

– Annotated reading passages to facilitate reading comprehension

– Audio supplements for reading passages and listening activities to accompany each unit

– Teacher’s Guide with Answer Key available

Báo giá: 50.000 đ/ 1 level ( Bản in) – 20.000 đ/ 1 level (bản PDF)

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