Select Readings Intermediate ( Oxford: linda lee and erik gundersen)

Special Features

  • These passages act as springboards into reading comprehension activities, reading skills development, vocabulary building, grammatical analysis and practice, and thought-provoking discussion and writing.
  • Compelling topics such as Culture Shock, The Future of Technology, and Family Relationships encourage learners to make personal connections with the reading passages.
  • A wide variety of text types includes newspaper articles, interviews, personal narratives, and essays.
  • Extensive reading skill instruction in critical areas such as skimming and scanning prepares learners to read purposefully and effectively.
  • A focus on vocabulary building skills; including using context and understanding word forms; helps learners improve their ability to handle unfamiliar words, while also expanding their vocabulary base.
  • Full-colour photographs and fine art introduce the theme of each chapter.
  • Culture Notes provide background information for terms and references learners encounter in the reading passages.
  • Vocabulary glosses define challenging new words, phrases, and expressions in context.
  • Full-colour maps help learners locate places mentioned in the reading passages.
  • Recorded reading passages on the cassette introduce the voices of native speakers into the classroom.

Book + Audio CD

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