Tuyển tập Serie phim huấn luyện chó Dog Whisperer

Tuyển tập Serie phim huấn luyện chó Dog Whisperer (Người dạy chó) – Cesar Millan

Kênh NAT GEO people HD của Mỹ.

Bao gồm 9 seasons lên tới hàng trăm tập. Mỗi tập khoảng 30 – 40 phút. Giúp bạn vừa học tiếng Anh, vừa học cách nuôi dạy thú cưng của mình!

Season 4:

Season 5:

Dung lượng: 10 DVD

Danh sách các phần của Dog Whisperer:

Season 01:

01 Nunu and Kane
02 Flirt and Opie
03 Ruby and Rana (Snack Attack Part 1)
04 Josh and Boomer
05 Harry and Brooks
06 Coach and Suecki
07 Slick and Pepper (Snack Attack Part 2)
08 Gus and Ava (Raging Rottie! Part 1)
09 Churchill and Maya (Raging Rottie! Part 2)
10 Bubba and Garret
11 Emily (A Prayer for Nicki Part 1)
12 Hank and Paris
13 Sasha and Shep
14 Jake and King (Petrified Pit Bull Part 1)
15 Scrawny and Lola
16 J and Alice
17 Caper and Julius (Petrified Pit Bull Part 2)
18 Bella and Jordan (Time Bomb! Part 2)
19 Sunshine and Teddy (Worst in Show Part 2)
20 Goldie and Pepsi
21 Nicki (A Prayer for Nicki Part 2)
22 Percy and Justice (Worst in Show Part 1)
23 Buddy and Stewart (Batttle of the Boyfriends Part 1)
24 Lucy and Lizzie (Horse Hound Part #1)
25 Boyfriend and Alfie (Battle of the Boyfriends Part 2)
26 Daisy and Sophie (Horse Hound Part #2)
Season 1 DVD Extras

Season 02:

01 Brady, Bandit, and Hootie
02 Sonny, Chocolate and Cinnamon, and Boo
03 Buddy, Teddy, and Matilda
04 JonBee, Violet and Hudson, and Buford
05 Isis and Tina, Nugget, and Katrina Dogs
06 Buddy, Tiger and Roxy, and Booker
07 Duke and Lulu, and Sparky
08 Chip, Lucy, Hank and Betty, and Leo
09 Spike, Jake & Nugget, and Wendell
10 Pasha, Cosmo, and Contessa
11 Princess, Prada, and Bearz
12 Katrina Dogs part 2
13 Eppie, Lady, and Snoopy
14 Greta & Hoss, Sotrm and Chula
15 Pups on Parole, Eaton & Dolly
16 Vicki & Taz, Punkin and Maddy
17 Dax, Pete, Nixa, and Sugar and Snowflake
18 Bikini, Fella, Winston and Oliver
19 The Power of the Pack

Season 03:

01 Kobe, Banjo and Kisses
02 Buster, Holli, Spike and Belle
03 Molly, Jane and Genoa
04 Wilshire and Butch
05 Maya, Sara and Lilly
06 Bella, Big Boy and Gracie
07 Fondue, Chip, Hope, JoyJoy and Elmer
08 Woody and Wally Kane
09 Skyler, Cassie and Tori
10 Dexter and Nasir (The Diva’s Miracle Worker)
11 Calvin, Rudy and Milo
12 Joe Penny and Promise
13 Titan, Candy and Bella
14 Dasher, Riley and Fosse
15 Hope, Maureen Chloe and Sam
16 Bodhi, Maggie & Molly, and Bojo (Terrible Twosome)
17 Amber, Snoopy, and Schroeder (Date Breaker)

Season 04:

01 Chuy, Jack & Carmine
02 Cotton, Ricky & Jordan, and Duke & Lila
03 Kiko, Tootsie & Ginger, and Binkey
04 Luna and K9 Sniffers
05 Reggie, Diva, Rocco, Vito and Mugsy
06 Willie, Make-A-Wish, and Zena
07 Hudson & Orchid, and LA Animal Control
08 Gus, Abbey and Vinnie
09 Tara, Molly & Mandy, Olive, and Dexter
10 ATF K-9 Gavin
11 Troy and Roxy
12 Gizmo and Indigo, Diego, Valley & Whiskey
13 Cody, Chloe and Buffy
14 Curly and Baxter
15 Owen, Jerry, and Rocky
16 Marley and Piper
17 Lives Changed
18 Shadow, Jake & Riley and Norton
19 Sasha and Angler
20 Buster, Sadie and Lacey
21 Rufus and Buddy
22 Chipper and Rudy & Monte
23 Peanut and Sunshine, Roxy & Angus
24 Mateo and Ali
25 Jake and Kona
26 Fear of Dogs
27 My Life on the Dog List
28 Canine 9-1-1 Part 1
29 Caesar Squatty Hula
30 Dueling Pit Bulls
31 Canine 911 Part 2
32 100th episode celebration
33 Lotus and Joey
34 Bozley & Ginger
35 Harley,Amalie and Bam Bam
36 Argonaut and Patches
37 Sooner,Trace and Casanova

Season 05:

01 Caesar goes to Vegas
02 Cricket and Hemingway & Rigby
03 Tobi and Riley
04 Bacchus and Jody
05 Stanley, Shoven and Leo
06 Hyde & Vada and Nacho
07 Sadie and Calder
08 Chihuahuas from Hell
09 Charlotte, Elvis and Jack (K-9 Phobia)
10 Cesar and the Horse Whisperer
11 A Member of the Family
12 Brittany Dawg and Boo (Bad Blood)
13 Bella
14 Buster, Jack & Marley and Sparky (Have Dog … Will Travel)
15 Inside Puppy Mills
16 Baby Girl (Afraid of the Bark)
17 Bella, Rocky and Madison & Catalina (Saving Ryan)
18 Run Home Roscoe!
19 Harley, Annabelle and Memphis
20 Mad Dogs
21 Miles and Maxie & Brooker (Heavy Metal Miles)
22 Maxwell, Brooklyn, and Tipper (Mastiff Mayhem)
23 Optimus and Gigi and Sissy

Season 06:

01 How to Raise the Perfect Dog
02 Cujo and Molly (Attacking Cujo)
03 Pekaso and Yogi & Smokey (Blood Brothers)
04 Hardy – Attacked with Love
05 Seven, Sara, and Madeliene (The Hairy Houdini)
06 Bear & Angel and Lorelei (Mission Control)
07 Cesar Down Under (Pt.1)
08 Cesar Down Under (Pt.2)
09 Peanut & Chico, Leroy Brown, and Tucker
10 Most Aggressive Breeds
11 A Dog and His Boy; Mobile Vet
12 Desperate Housedogs
13 Tigger and Dan
14 Cobar and Chase
15 Tillie and Leo

Season 07:
01 Howie Mandel’s Lola and Bebe & Sadie
02 Chloe, Madison, and Gotti (Gotti’s Honor)
03 Ellie & J.J. and Oscar (Grizzly Dogs)
04 Wolf-Dogs – Out of the Wild
05 Oscar and Luna & Ginger (Honeymoon Hell)
06 Astronaut Dogs and Mongo (Ceasar, We Have a Problem)
07 Neco & Yona and Justice (Shadow Dogs)
08 Snickers and Maury (Not-So-Sweet-Snickers)
09 India, Jagger, and Axl (Beach Blues)
10 Stella & Nala and Phoebe (No Man’s Land)
11 Viper and Diesel (K-9 Behind Bars)
12 Diego and Berkeley (Warrior Dog)
13 Mufasa and Tucker (Rocking the Boat)
14 Seven, Macy, and Lex (Closet Cases)
15 Delta and Dong-Dong (Killer in the Window)

Season 08:

Dog Whisperer S08E10 Hounds from Hell
Dog Whisperer S08E02 Bull-Whipped
Dog Whisperer S08E01 Why Dogs Fight
Dog Whisperer S08E05 Homeboys and Hounds
Dog Whisperer S08E09 Pack Leaders in Training
Dog Whisperer S08E07 Home Wrecking Hounds
Dog Whisperer S08E04 Army Brats
Dog Whisperer S08E03 Mascot Mayhem
Dog Whisperer S08E06 Hounded by Fear
Dog Whisperer S08E08 High Anxiety


Dog Whisperer S09E06 Anger Management
Dog Whisperer S09E12 Cesar’s Worst Bite
Dog Whisperer S09E02 London Calling
Dog Whisperer S09E01 Horrible Hounds of the UK
Dog Whisperer S09E09 Fear Factor
Dog Whisperer S09E11 Hollywood Hounds
Dog Whisperer S09E10 Daytona Dogs
Dog Whisperer S09E04 Battle of Britain
Dog Whisperer S09E07 Playboy Playmates
Dog Whisperer S09E05 Jersey Shore Dogs

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