English Speaking Course 2022 – Pronunciation SECRETS
Complete English Pronunciation Course 2022 (Speaking Skills)

  • Make ALL 44 sounds of English clearly and correctly
  • Speak English clearly so that English speakers understand you easily
  • Understand the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) so you can pronounce all words in English correctly
  • Reduce your accent and sound more like a native speaker

The 4 hour step-by-step course for improving your pronunciation skills so you can speak English clearly and confidently like a native English speaker.

The truth is pronunciation in the English language isn’t hard. You can make the sounds of English like a native speaker. But … you have to learn the right way.

In this English Pronunciation Course, you will learn how to make ALL 44 sounds of English so you can sound like a native English speaker and pronounce all words correctly in spoken English.

You will see how to shape your mouth and where to put your tongue for EVERY sound.

You will learn about the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) so you know how to correctly pronounce all words in the English language. You don’t have to guess anymore!

You also get accent training which will help you to reduce your accent when speaking English.

This English phonetics course includes:

· Videos which all have subtitles

· ALL 44 sounds of English (vowels and consonants)

· Demonstrations of how to make every single sound in English (which includes telling you how to shape your mouth and where to place your tongue)

· Practice Words

· Minimal Pairs

· Practice Sentences

· Frequently Asked Questions

· Common Mistakes

· Quizzes/tests

· British/UK accent & pronunciation

· Downloadable mp3s so you can practice anywhere at any time.

So if you want to speak clearly, learn English with a native speaker, reduce your accent and be easily understood by native speakers, this intensive English pronunciation and speaking course can help you achieve your dream of speaking English confidently and clearly.

Still not sure? Watch some of the preview videos to help you decide if this course is for you.

This course may also help you with English speaking, English conversation and English fluency.

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  • English students who want to improve their pronunciation

Bộ khóa học gần 60 Video, 2.4 Gb

Báo giá: Bản mềm bộ khóa học: 50.000 đ

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