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Teach Yourself – Get Talking Swedish

Teach Yourself – Get Talking Swedish

For those adventurous types who like to journey off the English-speaking path, meet people and communicate easily, and avoid misunderstandings, Get Talking in Swedish is the path to fun and discovery in a different language. Through its interactive Discovery Method, you can practice the most frequent words and expressions for greeting people, asking for directions, ordering food and more. As you progress through the program, you will understand more of naturally paced conversations and perfect your pronunciation to sound more natural. Audio files on disc can be downloaded to an mp3 player or played in an mp3 CD-ROM player.

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Cambridge Ielts 12 authentic examination papers official 2017

Cambridge Ielts 12 authentic examination papers official 2017

Cambridge IELTS 12 contains four authentic IELTS examination papers from Cambridge English Language Assessment, providing excellent exam practice.

Cambridge IELTS 12 provides students with an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with IELTS and to practise examination techniques using authentic test material. You can choose an edition containing either four complete tests for Academic or for General Training module. An introduction to these different modules is included in each book, together with an explanation of the scoring system used by Cambridge English Language Assessment. A comprehensive section of answers and tapescripts makes the material ideal for students working partly or entirely on their own. These tests are also available separately for purchase online from Testbank.org.uk

Key features

  • Contains four complete tests for either Academic or General Training candidates.
  • Includes a comprehensive section of tapescripts and answers, including models and samples for all the Writing tasks, making it suitable for students working partly or entirely on their own.
  • Contains a helpful introduction outlining the IELTS format and its scoring, ensuring that students and teachers have a thorough understanding of what is involved in the exam.


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