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Tổng hợp các phần mềm học ngoại ngữ

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  • Rocket French
  • DeclanFrenchFlashcards
  • German Declan FlashCards
  • Korean HakGyo
  • Spanish Declan Flashcard
  • Tell Me More Chinese
  • Declans Chinese Dictionary
  • Declans Read Write Chinese Simplified
  • Declans Chinese FlashCards
  • Rocket Chinese
  • Power Chinese
  • Chinese_Symbol_Studio
  • Tiếng Trung cho người Việt
  • Rocket German
  • Rocket Japanese
  • Declan.Software_ReadWrite.Hiragana
  • Declan.Software_ReadWrite.Kanji
  • Declan.Software_ReadWrite.Katakana
  • Declan.Software_Japanese.FlashCards
  • Declan.Software_Japanese.Dictionary
  • Human Japanese
  • Power Japan
  • Tell Me More – Japanese
  • JaViDic Pro
  • Rocket Spanish
  • Lefrancaispar etapes
  • BYKI Deluxe Japanese
  • VCD_Minna_no_nihongo
  • Shinnihongo no kiso Video
  • Các ngôn ngữ của phần mềm The rosetta stone
  • Các ngôn ngữ của chương trình Pimsleur
  • Pronunciation idiom (PronunciationPowerIdioms)
  • StyleWriter
  • Vocaboly
  • Whitesmoke
  • Talk Spanish
  • korean class 101
  • CosCom 2001 Kanji Odyssey
  • JML.Javidic.2010
  • JML Lingvosoft Talking Phrasebook VN JP
  • JML TaTa MinNa
  • VoiceText-TTS-NeoSpeech-Japanese-Voice-Misaki
  • zkanji_0_717

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Byki Swahili Deluxe for PC and Ipod

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Whatever your reason is to learn another language, Byki language-learning software has you covered. Built using the same methodology trusted by leading universities and language experts from both the U.S. Government and military, Byki is designed to teach learners over 1,000 critical words and phrases. And with its addictive flash card interface, you’ll have a blast learning new languages in a fast, fun, and effective way.
Báo giá: 50.000 VNĐ
Liên hệ: Hải 0988.674.911 email: tailieuso@gmail.com