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(DK) Essential Manager’s Manual by Robert Heller & Tim Hindle

(DK) Essential Manager’s Manual by Robert Heller & Tim Hindle

Cuốn sách dành cho các nhà quản lý trong các doanh nghiệp lớn, vừa và nhỏ và cũng dành cho những ai đang điều hành kinh doanh của chính mình. Nó cung cấp cho người đọc các kỹ năng cần thiết, những kiến thức và cách thức tổ chức hoạt động quản lý dựa trên kinh nghiệm và công việc của các công ty lớn nhỏ trên toàn thế giới được biên soạn một cách công phu và chi tiết.

In today’s business arena, the ability to manage successfully is a prerequisite to any career path. The Essential Manager’s Manual takes the mystery out of the art of management, offering clear, concise and realistic step-by-step advice that even the first-time manager can follow with success. The book is peppered with more than 1200 power tips in a compartmentalized approach to management that will benefit even the most seasoned veteran with its comprehensive content and accessible point-of-view. An understanding of what makes people perform and how to solve problems that affect performance in the workplace is key to exceptional management technique. All readers will benefit from this book’s priceless advice on subjects as diverse as greeting overseas business contacts, setting an agenda for a meeting, taking minutes, reorganizing the layout of an office, and holding a brainstorming session. Fully recognizing that “cookie cutter” solutions simply don’t work in today’s complex professional world, Heller and Hindle offer options for each topic, allowing the reader to explore them through flowcharts and diagrams. In addition, self-evaluation forms help each individual reader assess their innate ability in each area, in order to focus their energies as they utilize the book. Well-chosen photographs illustrate situations and bring advice to life by demonstrating the personality types and situations described and ensuring that each lesson “clicks” for the reader, guaranteeing results after just one brisk reading.

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Bộ sách học từ vựng cho học sinh (phần 2) DK eyewitness

Những cuốn sách xuất sắc về các chủ đề từ vựng kèm hình ảnh cho các chủ đề về các quốc gia trên thế giới, các lĩnh vực âm nhạc, hoa học, tự nhiên, xã hội, lịch sử, động vật hoang dã, thể thao … là kho sách mở rộng vốn từ vựng cực kỳ phong phú , thích hợp cho học sinh tiểu học, trung học cơ sở, trung học phổ thông… luyện thi toefl, toefl primary, toefl junior, toeic, ielts…

1. Africa
2. The Amazon
3. American Revolution
4. Amphibian
5. Ancient China
6. Ancient Civilizations
7. Ancient Egypt (book )
8. Ancient Greece (book )
9. Ancient Rome (book )
10. Animal
11. Archeology
12. Arctic and Antarctic
13. Arms and Armour
14. Astronomy
15. Aztec, Inca & Maya
16. Baseball
17. Basketball
18. Battle
19. Bible Lands
20. Bird (book )
21. Boat
22. Book
23. Boy Scouts of America
24. Buddhism
25. Building
26. Butterfly and Moth
27. Car
28. Castle (book )
29. Cat
30. Chemistry (Science Series)
31. China (book )
32. Christianity
33. City
34. Civil War
35. Climate Change (book )
36. Computer
37. Costume
38. Cowboy
39. Crime & Detection
40. Crystal & Gem (book )
41. Dance
42. Da Vinci and His Times
43. Desert
44. Dinosaur (book )
45. Dog
46. Eagle and Birds of Prey
47. Early Humans
48. Earth
49. Ecology
50. Economy
51. Electricity (Science)
52. Electronics (Science)
53. Elephant
54. Endangered Animals
55. Energy (Science)
56. Epidemic
57. Everest (Discovery Series)
58. Evolution
59. Explorer
60. Farm
61. Film
62. First Ladies (book )
63. Fish
64. Flag
65. Flight and/or Flying Machine
66. Food
67. Football (book )
68. Force and Motion (Science)
69. Forensic Science (book )
70. Fossil
71. Future
72. Gandhi
73. Gorilla, Monkey, and Ape
74. Goya (Art)
75. Great Musicians (book )
76. Great Scientists (book )
77. Horse (book )
78. Human Body (book )
79. Hurricane and Tornado
80. Impressionism (Art)
81. India
82. Insect
83. Invention
84. Islam
85. Judaism
86. Jungle (book )
87. Knight (book )
88. Leonardo and his Times
89. Life (Science)
90. Light (Science)
91. Mammal
92. Manet (Art)
93. Mars
94. Matter (Science)
95. Media and Communication
96. Medicine
97. Medieval Life
98. Mesopotamia (book )
99. Monet
100. Money (Art)
101. Moon (book )
102. Mummy (book )
103. Music
104. Mythology
106. Natural Disasters
107. North American Indian
108. Ocean
109. Oil (book )
110. Olympics
111. Perspective (Art)
112. Photography
113. Pirate (book )
114. Plant
115. Pond & River
116. Predator
117. Prehistoric Life
118. Presidents (book )
119. Pyramid
120. Religion
121. Renaissance
122. Reptile
123. Rescue
124. Robot
125. Rocks & Minerals (book )
126. Russia
127. Science
128. Seashore
129. Shakespeare
130. Shark
131. Shell
132. Shipwreck
133. Skeleton
134. Soccer (book )
135. Soldier (book )
136. Space Exploration
137. Sports
138. Spy
139. Submarine
140. Super Bowl
141. Technology
142. Texas
143. Time and Space
144. Titanic
145. Train
146. Transportation
147. Treasure
148. Tree
149. Tudor
150. Universe
151. Van Gogh
152. Vietnam War
153. Viking
154. Volcano & Earthquake
155. Vote (book )
156. Water
157. Watercolor
158. Weapons
159. Weather
160. Whale
161. Wild West
162. Witches and Magic-Makers
163. Wonders of the World
164. World Series
165. World War I (book )
166. World War II (book )

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Các phần mềm luyện IQ và tăng cường sự hoạt động não bộ, sáng tạo

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Các phần mềm luyện IQ và tăng cường sự hoạt động não bộ, sáng tạo

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DK Essential Managers: Project Management

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Learn about quality control, communication, deadlines, budgeting, and planning risks. From setting out objectives to compiling the close–down report, from choosing priorities to selecting the right team, Project Management shows you how to plan, run, and monitor a project, and explains what to do if things go wrong. It contains a wealth of straightforward, expert advice on scheduling and budgeting, managing and communicating information, planning activities, and developing leadership skills to ensure successful completion of all your projects.

The Essential Manager have sold more than 1.9 million copies worldwide! Experienced and novice managers alike can benefit from these compact guides that slip easily into a briefcase or a portfolio. The topics are relevant to every work environment, from large corporations to small businesses. Concise treatments of dozens of business techniques, skills, methods, and problems are presented with hundreds of photos, charts, and diagrams. It is the most exciting and accessible approach to business and self–improvement available.

Báo giá: 50.000 VNĐ